Throughout the preparation period for the study tour, participants are expected to follow an extensive educational program. This program exists of three identifiable sections.

  • Macro Study
  • Meso Study
  • Micro Study

All works are performed on the basis of our main research objective:

To develop a clear understanding of the role sustainability plays in civil engineering projects in Brazil and how this compares to the Netherlands


The macro study is intended to give participants a general perspective of Brazil, its economy, its people and its development. In this part of the course, we will focus on the following research question:

How does Brazil attempt to integrate the concepts of sustainability on a macro scale?

Participants will split up into smaller groups and focus on a specific aspect of Brazil throughout this phase of the research:

  • Geography and History
  • National Politics
  • International Politics
  • Socio- Culture
  • National Economy
  • International Economy
  • Technology

The macro study provides a framework for all subsequent works.


During this phase of the research, participants will investigate a specific sector within the realm of civil engineering. Groups of participants will each focus on a different sector and perform a meso level analysis according to Porter’s Diamond.


Micro level study involves looking specifically at companies within Brazil and how they operate. We will perform this study in conjunction with the three faculties of Civil Engineering including; Construction Management and Engineering, Water Management and Engineering, and Transport Studies.

This research will take place in the form of case studies based on the projects that we will be visiting during our trip to Brazil. Participants will get the opportunity to prepare a detailed study of a project, and ask questions during site visits to get a clear picture of the project and its relation to our main theme. 


See the downloads section for the results of the research on macro, meso and micro level