The following students participate in the Booming Brazil study tour:

Allard Horstman

My name is Allard Horstman, I am 21 years old and born and grown up in Enschede. I am almost done with my Bachelor Civil Engineering at the University of Twente and now it is my first year of the Master Construction Engineering & Management. In my spare time, I like to swim and I like going out to drink a beer with friends. I am looking forward to go to Brazil and see how in that culture they deal with civil engineering projects with regards to sustainability, which is of course a popular item at the moment.


Arno Bouwhuis

Hello everyone, I am Arno Bouwhuis. Probably most of you don’t know me yet because I didn’t do the bachelor Civil Engineering but Advanced Technology. For my Bachelor Assignment I did an internship in Brussels at the Royal Military Academy, where I stayed for three months. After this bachelor I decided to do the Master CME, what seems up to now a good choice! In recent holidays I made trips through Europe with friends, so now I have seen most of Europe I’m glad going to Brazil now!


Auke Terlouw

Hello, I am Auke Terlouw, living in Enschede. At the moment I am at the end of my Bachelor and after the Bachelor I want to start a master in Water engineering & management. I am looking forward to participate in the study tour “Booming Brazil”. Hopefully we have an interesting time visiting Civil Engineering projects, learning a lot of it. Besides that I am looking forward to meeting new people and with the whole group we are going to have a great time!


Bart Boeschen Hospers

Well I’m Bart Boeschen Hospers. Born in the beautiful year of 1987 in Almelo, so that makes me 23 years old right now. Currently I’m following the master track Construction Management and Engineering. As a hobby and as a way to earn some money I design and develop web sites. I was also working on the Booming Brazil web site when I decided to sign up for the study tour. And luckily enough I was enlisted. I hope we all have a great journey to Brasil to learn a lot, but also to have a lot fun!


Bart Leferink

My name is Bart. I was born twenty-one years ago in the city of Enschede, but grew up in the town of Haaksbergen. People see me as a sober, easygoing and enthusiastic person, who likes to play sports (particularly football) and to go out. Further I build concrete canoes and I visit the home matches of FC Twente every week. I am doing my third study year of Civil Engineering, and prefer the transport section of the study. The most fascinating about the study tour is the unique mix between culture, study and social aspects, and I think we will have real good time out there in Brazil!


Bart Wolbers

My name is Bart Wolbers, 22 years old and born in Enschede, where I also grew up. In 2006 I started with the study Civil Engineering at the University of Twente. Last year I achieved my Bachelor degree and at this moment I follow the master track Construction Engineering and Management. Besides my study I like playing sports and music and go out with friends. My biggest passion is Football, which I play with fellow students. A reason for me to join the study tour is to learn more about the civil engineering and the local culture in Brazil.


Bert Lankheet

I was born in Enschede, where I live now, and raised in the picturesque village of Haaksbergen. In 2006 I started studying civil engineering at Twente University. I will participate in the “Booming Brazil” study tour. I decide to do this, because I think it is interesting to see how the Brazilian government and companies deal with natural resources, fragile ecosystems and poverty while they have to improve infrastructure for economic prosperity and upcoming events like the Olympics and the FIFA World Cup. I may use this knowledge after the study tour, because the Netherlands prepare bids for similar events.


Ferdinand van den Brink

I have been been studying civil engineering at the university of Twente since 2006. As a part of his bachelor I attended several courses at the university of Delft as well and I conducted an internship at Labmath in Indonesia. During my internship I studied the relationship between rainfall and the outflow from an Indonesian river by applying the conceptual rainfall runoff model HBV. After three years I graduated for my bachelor and continued to study his master in the specialisation water engineering and management.


Hendrik van Meerveld

I am Hendrik, 23 years old and a Master student Civil Engineering and Management. I have grown up in a small farmers village called Nijkerk and have always had a passion for civil engineering. This made the choice for studying at the University of Twente an easy one 5 years ago. Meanwhile, I found my interest in the Mastertrack Construction Management and Engineering and started my graduate studies from this year. Besides studying, I am also committed with the study association of Civil Engineering, called ConcepT. During one year, I have been in charge as the proud President of ConcepT. I like to spend my spare time with my girlfriend and collecting ancient stamps. For now, I am gladly enrolled in the ConcepT study tour and really look forward to travel to Brazil.


Henk Barmentlo

I am Henk Barmentlo. Born and raised in Huizen, but moved to Enschede in 2006 to study Civil Engineering. I just finished the bachelor, after doing my bachelor thesis at Peek Traffic BV in Amersfoort. Last summer I started as chairman of the board of student association Navigators. This is a part time position, so I was also able to start the Traffic Engineering & Management master, which I am enjoying much. The preparations for the study tour have put my master education somewhat on hold, but I am very much willing to make this sacrifice. Let’s go to Rio!



Jeroen van der Meer

My name is Jeroen van der Meer, I’m in my fifth year of the study Civil Engineering. I finished my Bachelor 2 year ago and choose to do the Master Construction Management and Engineering. At the moment I’m finishing my last two courses for this Master and I’m planning to do my master-thesis directly after the study tour. The study tour will be really nice way to end my master courses and begin my graduation. I see the study tour as an opportunity to discover new places and businesses in a foreign country. Before I started my study I travelled to Australia, now I will travel to Brazil and experience a new booming country!


Jeroen van Vliet

Hello! My name is Jeroen van Vliet and I am 22 years old. I am in the 4th year of my study, after my bachelor ‘Civiele Techniek’ (also at the University of Twente), I continued with the master Construction Management and Engineering (CME). I live in the city of Enschede with 3 other roommates, in between the campus and the centre of Enschede. Next to my study I like to hang out with friends, watch a movie and spent time on sports. I follow a lot of sports on TV and next to that I play volleyball myself.


Joël Meijers

Hi. I am Joël Meijers. I was born in the beautiful city of Geleen 21 years ago and I spent most of my childhood there. A few years ago, I moved to Enschede to study Civil Engineering and Management. After I got my bachelor degree, I was interested in how civil engineering problems are handled in other cultures. That is why I am very excited to take part in the study tour to Brazil. I hope we can see a lot of the Brazilian culture and visit interesting civil projects, and compare this with the Dutch situation. All in all I think we are going to make a great journey to the diverse and fascinating country of Brazil!


Joey Willemsen

My name is Joey Willemsen. I was born in 1988 in Winterswijk and moved to Enschede after a couple of years. Both of my parents are teachers and I’ve got three brothers. One of them is studying in Nijmegen, the other one in Groningen and my youngest brother is in his third year vwo. Another important person in my life is Inge-Loes with whom I’m dating since 2005. Last year I received my Bachelor degree and I am now attending courses related to the specialization Transportation Engineering and Management. Besides my study I spend most of my time at the Cable Waterskicenter Twente where I work, give trainings to children and practice new wakeboarding tricks. I’m very excited to go on the study tour Booming Brazil and know for sure that it will be one hell of a trip.


Julieta Matos Castaño

My name is Julieta Matos Castaño and I was born in Madrid 26 years ago. I am a Spanish Engineer graduated from the Polytechnic University of Madrid. After my Erasmus in Paris and some professional experiences in Spain, I decided to put a new international spin to my career moving to the Netherlands in order to follow the CME Program. I always had a profound interest for cooperation matters and I would love to work and be concerned about world’s issues at the same time. I am willing to realize that my job can serve to create equilibrium in this ever developing planet. Travelling, going to Brazil with the Study Tour and getting an insight about another reality will be very useful to gain this more realistic international insight. I am looking forward to enjoying it!


Mark Roelofsen

Hi all, my name is Mark Roelofsen and one of the lucky few to go to Brazil this year! Spending a happy childhood in Didam, I was reluctant to move from the eastern part of the Netherlands. So logically, I decided to continue my life in Enschede and Mark, “the student Civil Engineering” was born. My interest in transport studies surfaced when organizing the symposium named “synergy in mobility” in 2008. Last year, I continued moving east and did my bachelor thesis at Jilin University (China) performing a study to the practical implementation of the Lane Change Assistant. This year I hope to broaden my horizon a bid more to the west joining “Booming Brazil”!


Niek Rolink

My name is Niek Rolink and I was born 22 years ago in a small town called Erica. I still travel every weekend to see my parents, friends and girlfriend. Sundays I play soccer, which is also a reason to leave Enschede for the weekends. After 18 years living in Erica, I moved to Enschede to start with the study Civil Engineering. This is already more than 4.5 years ago. I’ve finished my bachelor after 3.5 years of studying, which means that I have started with my master one year ago. I hope to finish my master thesis in the summer of 2011. I am happy to join the study tour Booming Brazil, to see the civil engineering in Brazil and see something of another culture. With the other participants I expect to have an unforgettable time during the study tour!


Peter Schoonderbeek

I’m Peter J. Schoonderbeek, born in the beautiful city of Arnhem at the 30th of July in 1987. After 22 fantastic years I’m a fourth year student of Civil Engineering. I just finished my Bachelor, and now I’m following the master Construction Management and Engineering. In my spare time I like to do cycling. My motto is: no mountain is too high. Next summer I’m going to test this by cycling in the French Alps. Furthermore I like to go out or have fun at home with friends. often accompanied with some alcoholic consumptions. I’m really looking forward to the study tour, I think it will be a fantastic experience for all participants!


Rik Goossens

Hi! I am Rik Goossens, 22 years young, and living in Enschede. Since 2006 I am studying civil engineering at the University of Twente, and at the moment I am reaching the end of my Bachelor. I see the studytour as a change to enrich my study, because besides all the commissions and activities I did so far there is still a lot to learn. During the trip I hope to be a teamplayer; serious when needed and an enthusiast for funny and spontaneous actions. You can definitely start a conversation with me about my favorite hobby, football. See you!


Sander Dekens

Hi there! My name is Sander Dekens. I’m about to finish my Bachelor thesis, after which my next challenge is the study tour. I’m very enthusiastic to participate in this journey and its related activities. Organizing the 16th symposium of ConcepT gave me a chance to get to know some things about the civil engineering practice in Holland. The study tour enhances this knowledge. It provides me the opportunity to get better insight in the civil engineering practice in both Holland and Brazil. Besides civil engineering, I enjoy spending time with my friends, photography, volleyball and a lot of music.


Tim van de Kruijs

Hello everyone! My name is Tim and I am in my fifth year of Civil Engineering. Although I haven’t finished my bachelor yet, I started with master courses in the 3rd quartile. My interests lie in different sports, cooking and watching television series. If I had to choose a favorite, I would go with basketball.  I recently started taking driving lessons, which could come in handy when crossing in a 4x4 through Brazil... (as if that would really happen)