Reinier Reijnhoudt, President


Oi, eu sou Reinier Reijnhoudt e tenho 23 anos!

I am a 5th year student and obtained my bachelor degree in Civil Engineering. At this moment, I am following a master in Construction Management and Engineering. I live in Enschede for four years now, but I am born and bred in Westkapelle, a small town in Zeeland at the most westerly point of Holland. After some wanderings in Norway I ended up here in Enschede. To get the best out of my studies and time here, I decided to undertake activities next to my study. It started from organizing excursions, lectures and courses related to civil engineering, to organizing the yearly symposium called ‘De toekomst in aanbouw’. Now it is time for the next challenge: organizing this booming study tour to Brazil!

As the president of the committee, I am responsible for the project study tour as a whole. I have a leading and coordinating role within our team. I am keeping the project on the right track and schedule. Together with Niels, Kees, Léon, Thijs and Stephan, we are heading for our common goal: to enable students civil engineering to expand and deepen their knowledge and academic skills, and experience new cultures. Our theme ‘Foundations for a Sustainable Future’ will be the red line throughout the tour and its preparations.

I am convinced: we are on the eve of a unique and magnificent study tour, expanding the possibilities for every participant to achieve their learning goals. And of course, having lots of fun!

Off para o Brasil!

Stephan Meijers, Research Commissioner and vice-president

This year I am the Research Commissioner and Vice President of the 2010 ConcepT study tour: Booming Brazil. I am a 21 year old, 4th year student, currently following a master track in construction management and engineering at the University of Twente.

The study tour first came to my attention last year, just before I went to Shanghai, China for 4 months for my bachelor’s thesis. A week before departure, at a party I organized in light of my upcoming adventure, I was informed of the study tour and was convinced by several friends to apply for a position in the committee. It seemed like a fantastic opportunity, not only to set up a fantastic tour to an exotic country, but to dedicate myself to a long term, intensive project. After being selected we were off to a troublesome start, due to everyone being in a completely different location on earth. It led to unique brainstorming sessions … all in the middle of the night … through Skype … from my apartment in Shanghai… until we agreed upon the fantastic destination of Brazil!

As research commissioner of the committee, my main tasks and responsibilities lie in the successful execution of a thematic research, in this case analyzing the concept of sustainability in Brazil. This involves preparing a research plan, planning lectures, ensuring that participants actively perform their research obligations, and ensuring that the final report is completed on time.

Overall, I am looking forward to a fantastic study tour this year, vejo você no Brasil!

Kees Morren, PR Commissioner

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My name is Kees Morren. I am a 22 years old Civil Engineering student, currently following the master track Construction Management and Engineering. I grew up in Doornspijk, a very small village, about 25 km from Zwolle. Now I’m living for almost 4 years in Enschede and have a very nice time in this city. Next to my study I also work for ASPARI and the Study Information Centre and spend time on sports like soccer, cycling and tennis.

This study tour I will be the PR Commissioner. As PR Commissioner I will be responsible for the cooperation between Booming Brazil and Companies active in the Civil Engineering sector. During this study tour I bring students into contact with these companies through organizing contract research and a workshop day related to the theme; “Foundations for a Sustainable Future”. In this way the students can learn of these business approaches and cultures and apply this knowledge during the rest of their career.  

I hope we get some nice insights about the Brazilian Culture and the way in which Civil Engineering is done.

Let’s go to Brazil!

Léon olde Scholtenhuis, Travel Commissioner

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I’m Léon olde Scholtenhuis. I’m 22 years old and live in Delden, a small village nearby Enschede. I have always enjoyed it there, but you will find me living in Enschede within a couple of months. I recently acquired my Bachelors Degree in Civil Engineering and just started my masters. To broaden my knowledge base, I chose to follow a master track of Construction Management and Engineering, and a master track within the Business Administration Department as well. At the moment, I also develop plans to conduct a PhD study at the Construction Management and Engineering Department of our University. Next to the study, I’m also teaching assistant for the third year Bachelors course Methods and Strategies for Facility Design.

I did not hesitate very long when ConcepT offered its members to form a study tour committee. After a couple of teambuilding activities we divided task responsibilities. My task as Travel Commissioner is to organize all practical issues regarding the actual visit of Brazil. This includes, for example, arranging bus trips, airplane tickets, accommodation, lunches and dinner, insurance, and visa.

I’m very happy to be part of the Booming Brazil study tour. Of one thing I’m very sure; it will be an unforgettable experience and the best trip I’ve ever been on. I think that the tour expands my feeling for a totally different culture, and also teaches new insight in the sustainability approaches abroad, which will significantly different from the European viewpoint. Hopefully we can combine and benefit from the lessons learned in European as well as the Brazilian civil engineering sector and finalize the study tour with great research results!

There’s still al lot to do, but I’m ready to put a lot of energy and fun in organizing the study tour!

Thijs Homan, Excursions commissioner

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And the excursions commissioner for the ConcepT study tour of 2010 is… Thijs Homan! I am a 22 year old student Civil Engineering and Management, following the traffic and transport track. I was born in Nieuw-Schoonebeek, a little village on the countryside of Drenthe. The last 5 years I live in Enschede and I still enjoy living here.

In 2007 I organized an introduction for new civil engineering students and in 2008 I organized civil engineering related trip to Vienna. This year organizing the study tour to Brazil is my new challenge! As the excursions commissioner, my task is to arrange the excursions which we will visit during our time in Brazil.  I will try to arrange some amazing excursions which will make the study tour a fantastic trip for all participants.

I hope that the study tour will be an unforgettable experience for all of us!

Niels Vossebeld, Secretary-treasurer

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Hi, my name is Niels Vossebeld. I am a 22 years old master student Construction Management and Engineering and I am the secretary and treasurer of the Booming Brazil study tour. I grew up in Rekken, a small town with about 1500 inhabitants, only 25 kilometers from Enschede. I live in Enschede in ‘Huize Oktoknus’, I really like living there. Apart from the study tour I am a teaching assistant for two Bachelor courses, like to go cycling and enjoy talking with all kinds of people.

My responsibilities for the Booming Brazil study tour mainly concern the website, budget control, setting up contracts, and writing meeting minutes. I already knew I wanted to be part of a study tour committee when I started to study in Enschede. I think organizing a journey to a country far away will really broaden my view and the thematic research conducted for the tour will really trigger new insights. I am really glad the study tour visits Brazil, a diverse, booming, and very interesting country.

I hope we will organize a tour that is as inspiring, fun and successful as I expect!